Welcome! I am starting a new legacy with a new concept which you can find here. For the record, the concept is not mine. My TS3 website page is here. The name Aurora definitely does come from the legacy concept, if you couldn’t tell. Aura, Aurora, Auracy. Ya know. The lovely town I am using for this legacy is called Elba Village which you can download here. I really hope you enjoy my legacy and happy Simming!

UPDATE I I had to remove Jubel the cat from the game because he was glitching it the hell up. First, he was difficult to take care of because he was INVISIBLE. Second, there was this thing where every few seconds the game would just freeze for like a half a minute and it was the most annoying thing ever. I suspected the cause might be Jubel, so I put him up for adoption and sure enough the game stopped glitching. We’ll miss you, Jubel!

UPDATE II So it turns out, it wasn’t Jubel at all. Sorry kitty. :( I think I just can’t play in custom worlds like Elba Village and Riverview, etc for some reason because they always cause that glitch I was talking about before. It calmed for a Sim day or two after I gave away Jubel, but then it kept glitching. I remembered this same thing happening with Riverview, so I tried moving them to Appaloosa Plains and the game stopped glitching. It’s sad because I quite like Elba Village. Ah well.

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